Kendra 2RiseNaturals Tea Time Post

What does it mean to be calm? To be fully in touch with yourself and your surroundings? For Kendra Mark, life is about more than the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is about feeling from your deepest part of your soul, loving with every inch of your being and learning how to relax. Founder of 2Rise Naturals, Kendra Mark emphasizes the importance of utilizing natural products the way Mother Nature intended. The #GirlBoss is busy running her own business, challenging standards and staying healthy through positive movement like yoga, functional training, hiking and more.

It brings me great pleasure to invite Kendra over for virtual tea time and has the opportunity to pick her brain.

Kendra 2RiseNaturals Tea Time Post

Full Name 

Kendra Ali Mark

Could you share with all of us a little of your trip to India and how that inspired 2Rise?

India stripped everything from me. It took away my ideas about life. It forced me to drop deeply into myself and identify what is important and how I want to continue to plan out my story. The experiences I had disillusioned me and temporarily removed my ideas about what I need to accomplish in this life. India itself didn’t really inspire the creation of 2Rise. The months of recalibration prior to India are what inspired 2RIse. I was ill from being in India and I was told to try CBD and it worked. I was intrigued and followed the impulse to create a company whose sole mission was to provide this medicine in the purest and most honest way possible. Voila!

What is your favorite 2Rise product and what is your favorite way to use it or incorporate it into your daily life?

Oh gosh, that’s a tough one. I have to go with the Full Spectrum Tincture. It’s my baby and it took me almost a year to perfect it. I love the taste, the feeling I get from it, and that I can tailor the amount I receive.

I have to agree it is probably hands down my favorite product and I love adding it to just about everything. 

If you could be anywhere on your dream vacation, where are you?

A tropical island. Barefoot dancing under the moonlight with good friends and superb tunes. Heart wide open. Enjoying everything in my surroundings.

What do you prefer, tea or coffee? How do you take it?

Easy. I am a huge fan of the tea ceremony and I do it almost every morning to center myself before I start my day. Puerh tea is my favorite. I take it as it is because there just is no other way.

Oh my gosh, I love puerh tea, it is SO good and the taste is so smooth. I love your idea of having a tea ceremony before starting your day. 

You wake up, what do you do first?

Lie there and orient. Then, most days I go to the gym before I can talk myself out of it. On the days that doesn’t happen, I make sure I have tea at my tea table before I hit the computer and allow the world in.

Do you have any sort of bedtime ritual.? If you do, would you mind sharing it with all of us? 

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with going in my infrared sauna and sweating my ass off and then taking a cold shower and then hopping in bed and listening to Gangaji or reading Nisargadatta Maharaj before my eyelids queue me off to dream world.

Favorite mantra…

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it”- Chinese Proverb

WOW. Kendra. Love it. So deep and honestly it is so true and applies to so many moments in life.

Are you planning on adding more to the 2Rise Line?

I am! I have to new products in the pipeline and I am so excited to share them. I am incredibly picky about what I release into the world, so it takes forever for it to happen. But I can confidently say that one of them is likely two months away.

Anything else you might have up your sleeve that you are willing to share with us?

Care for your body, friends. It’s the only home you have. CBD can help, and probably more than you might know.

babes if you wanna learn more about 2Rise Naturals click here.

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