If you’re in the wellness scene or have been following me for a while, you’ve probably been hearing the term adaptogen thrown around like crazy. I mean I honestly think 2017 was the year of adaptogens and while I have been using them for the past two and a half or so years, they’ve actually been around for hundreds. And let me tell you I am SUPER excited that they are finally getting the attention they totally deserve. While I have talked about adaptogens in previous posts,  like this one about how I was able to get my hormones balance in check thanks to them, I still wanted to talk about how much they have helped me when it comes to stress and anxiety.


Okay, so adaptogens basically are a group of healing herbs and plants that help you adapt to certain stressful situations that can occur. They are an all natural way of helping you support your health. They are super known in the Ayurveda scene and honestly, that is what essentially drew me to them a little over two years ago. Unlike traditional medicine, these babies work best in small quantities over long periods of time. They can help you with your adrenal system which is what manages your bodies resistance to stress. They work best when used with healthy fats since they are fat soluble.

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The awesome thing about adaptogens is that you can incorporate them in many different ways, from teas to tinctures and even add them to your regular daily eats which is my favorite part. I love adding a lot of them into my morning lattes, I totally feel like I am becoming the medicinal latte queen and no other title makes me happier. A lot of them go great with chocolate, coffee, smoothies and baked goods.

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Is used in Ayurvedic practice for its wonderful anti-anxiety calming properties and for totally reducing stress. Ashwagandha is great at decreasing cortisol levels and also studies have shown to decrease stress at a 14-28 % in healthy yet stressed people.

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Studies have shown that this calming herb is great for protecting your liver, it also helps incredibly at reducing stress, and also as an anti-anxiety supplement. It is great to help the body react more balanced when presented with both physical and emotional stress.



Is a medicinal mushroom that is used to help treat infertility and dizziness, on top of that is is also amazing at boosting athletic performance. It is also a great fatigue aid.

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Is a great nontoxic medicinal mushroom that is great in regulating your immune system and also improves liver function. Along with that, it can help lower your blood pressure.

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In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used for kidney support and fighting inflammation. It is also pretty cool cause it has wonderful buffering effects on stress. It is also great for helping repair past stress-related damage to the body and mind.

Astragalus Root Powder 60g Jar by Sun Potion – Organic, Wildcrafted Herbal Extract Supplement – Potent Qi Tonic – Immune System, Metabolism, and Digestion Support



Is really great for reducing fatigue and exhaustion. It is also really good at decreasing symptoms of depression because of the effects it has on our serotonin levels.

Rhodiola Rosea Root Powder 70g Jar by Sun Potion – Organic Herbal Extract Supplement – Brain and Energy Improvement, Reduce Fatigue, Stress Reliever


Adaptogenic Paleo Cinnamon Roll Pancakes-Follow Our Passion


So what do you think babes.? Do you already use any adaptogens? Have you noticed anything different since you started using them? Are you thinking of starting to incorporate adaptogens into your daily eats? Let me know in the comment section below. Have an incredible day! Xo


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  1. Where have I been and why haven’r I heard about adaptogens? This is really nice to know and nothing better than having a natural way to relieve stress which I kind of need this week. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Trust me I felt the same way when I first discovered them LOL. But yeah they are a great natural way to relieve stress.

  2. I experience some stress and I really appreciated this post. I have never even heard of holy basil before and now I am totally curious!

  3. This is really good information. I’ve always preferred natural remedies and I can’t believe I missed these. I’d love to learn more about them and try the recipes that you shared!

  4. I always prefer natural products when it comes to health and body. I think those are the great natural way to relieve stress.

  5. This is such a great post. Much needed for our lifestyle today. I will definitely save this for my references and share with my relatives.

  6. I need to grow Ashwagandha in my backyard right about now so I will have a never ending supply! LOL. Herbs really do work, and I feel like there has been a renaissance lately with regard to them. Thanks for the recipes; I can’t wait to try!

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